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(x)mheritage Aug 31st 2011, 09:31pm
first in pwap only
(ZHERY LEAGUE)Yellow town>central city>marfeny lake>yellow town>prof.Jasmine>ce ntral city>radio tv.Station>prof.Oak> inhore woods>inhore city>inhore woods>inhore city>red-gives hm CUT>rougt 405>snorlax>go back to inhore city to buy honey>rougt 405>awake snorlax>pantem town>rougt 406>esmerald city>botanical laboratory>esmerald city gym>rougt 407>bramboch town>rougt 408>seanport city>baloon>imatari island>seanport lighthouse>seanport city gym>rougt 409 obtain rock smash to the guy>national park>dardusk city>dardusk gym leader>guardian tower>rougt 410>dardusk woods>enermy town>marfeny lake obtain hm LAVA SURF>house in enermy town obtain hm STRENGTH>mt.Shuem>ro ugt 411>groment city>groment gym obtain ticket>groment museum>groment mines>groment gym leader>mt.Zhery>obta in hm SURF>rougt 412>meet red>serenety city>serenity city power plant find rayner>serenity city gym>serenity hotel obtain hm FLY>rougt 413>mt.Icestorm>mt.W inter>rougt 414>snowce city>go back to mt.Icestorm to find the gym leader sofia>snowce city>snowce city gym>rougt 415 obtain the hm DIVE to solanas house>rougt 416>team steam secret base>go back to yellow town give the alpha scripture to pr0f.Jasmime>drakenb reath city>mt.Draken>disto rti0n world>drakenbreath city gym>drakenbreath city supermarket obtain hm WATERFALL>go back to solanas house in rougt 415>rougt 416>victory road>zhery elite four league>pr0f.Jasmine obtain lauren pass>then go to seaport travel using boat..END OF ZHERY LEAGUE 
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(x)mheritage Aug 31st 2011, 09:32pm
suner town>rougt 501>carmin town>carmin town research laboratory pr0f.Elie>rougt 507 defeat pearl>carmin town>rougt 502>rocavely city>rocavely mines>rocavely city mineral refinery>rocavely city gym obtain tm ROCK CLIMB>mt.Lauren>skyn er city>skyner city gym>obtain tm GLIDE and PILOT LICENCE>use pilot licence to sky zone then use glide>rougt 504>lendyn town>rougt 505>kosaka city>kosaka gym>sky tower>kosaka city gym>rougt 506>Flamerny woods>flamerny city defeat pr0f.Elie>mt.Vulcan bring super repel>flamerny city gym obtain tm FIRE BLOW>rougt 508>merydian city>merydian city gym obtain tm FOCUS PUNCH>rougt 509>ricyan city>ricyan city pokemon zoo find SOKA>rougt 509 SHINX>rougt 508 SNORLAX>rougt 505 STEELIX AND SOKA>ricyan city gym obtain tm DIG>merydian city buy ENIGMA BERRY IN HOUSE>rougt 510 use DIG in black sp0t front of team steam or press A button>rougt 510>noormeak city>noormeak city pokemon hospital>noormeak city gym obtain tm WATER PULSE>rougt 512>ironmen city>ironmen city gym obtain tm WHIRPOOL>go back to suner town>then surf to lauren road>mt.Oren>find zero>lauren champion>lauren league

(x)mcopro1 Aug 31st 2011, 09:34pm
ang baet muBUDDY 

(x)mtutankhamen- Aug 31st 2011, 09:35pm
wOw tnx for sharing, it will help a lot:) 

(x)mheritage Aug 31st 2011, 09:35pm
respect po kailangan koh pinagpaguran ku poh ang guide na 2 para lang sa inyo..kung may tan0ng kayu just pm me...kung p0p0st nyu sa ibang site pa credits naman aq para iwas gahaman tnx..first in pwap d2 ku pin0st dahil mahal q pwap eje 

(x)mdab0dab Aug 31st 2011, 09:38pm
0k brad i will respect u:-D 

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