(x)mleave.me.alone Jul 29th 2012, 07:43am
To register, text TAPLUS100 to 247

and get unli ALL NET texts, 60mins. Sun calls and 60mins mobile internet all valid for 7 days! 
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(x)mleave.me.alone Jul 29th 2012, 07:45am
Also available, TAPLUS25 valid for 1 day.

UTEXTRIO20- unlitext to Smart, TnT and Sun for just P20 valid for 2DAYS!

Hope this helps. :) 

(x)manti.bi0tic Jul 29th 2012, 07:52am
matry nga yan minsan -bebe- 

(x)mkapuso07 Jul 29th 2012, 08:03am
UTEXTALL15 to 247.
3-day unlitext to all networks. luzon only. 

(x)mkapuso07 Jul 29th 2012, 08:07am
EDIT: 2 DAYS LANG yun... 

(x)mdudaypuday Jul 29th 2012, 08:30am
Tnx magagamit to sa pkiki pag sop ang 60mins

..sabi nya ho sakin-crazy- 

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